Case studies

60% cost optimization using AI to enable preventive maintenance

50% improved efficiency with a cloud migration solution

20% improved OTIF performance with real-time global visibility

25% reduced downtime with KPI-driven performance monitoring

30% efficiency improvement by implementing cloud solutions

20% cost savings with an Engineering Service Request (ESR)

7% increased efficiency by using ML to optimize the purchase order process

30% rework reduction with a Source-to-Pay (S2P)

15% increase in compliance with master data quality solutions

$1.7M annual savings using process mining to optimize Procure-to-Pay (P2P)

$2M annual savings by transforming procurement operations

$24M auditable savings with dynamic margin optimization

Seamless supplier collaboration unlocks $21M value across 8 partners

175% increase in user adoption with advanced analytics and workflow

30% increased adoption by deploying a comprehensive coaching portal

10% improved OTD by using MLOps and inventory optimization

25% increase in self-help dispatches using a data-driven approach

90% time savings by deploying Enterprise BI solutions

25% increase in self-help dispatches with a data-driven approach

90% improvement in the user experience by deploying a tailor-made middleware solution

25% improvement in compliance with a streamlined expense reporting process

20% improvement in user satisfaction from a complete UI/UX overhaul

32% reduction in service cost after app modernization

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