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Empower your world through digital transformation.

Uncover Possibilities and Unlock Trapped Value

Technology, society, economy, policy – all moving at breakneck speed in our 21st century world. You’re feeling the pressure to quickly implement new business models, find new value, make split-second informed decisions and keep one step ahead of customers. How?

The answer lies in the ability to make quick, accurate and sustainable business decisions. We believe digital offers a way of doing things better – but the journey to transformation doesn’t have to be painful. At Aligned Automation, we work hard to digitally enable your business strategy – connecting processes, technologies and people to unlock value and drive critical business outcomes.

Our Solutions

You need a partner who can see you through your transformation journey. Our adaptive digital solutions and services deliver end-to-end results to fit your business needs. From strategy to execution to management, we offer business transformation made simple so that you reap the rewards.

How We Partner

Through a collaborative approach leveraging your existing technology stack, our expert knowledge and capabilities include a wide range of industries, functions and operations to solve real-world business problems. With a culture of knowledge sharing and curiosity, we help digitally empower organizations and unlock trapped value in the process.

About Us

We are a dedicated team of professionals that believe that transformation is a journey, and it requires us to collaborate with our clients to deliver innovation. Comprised of data scientists, process engineers and more, our wide breadth of domain expertise and platform knowledge enable your team with the capabilities needed to prosper in a radically shifting digital world.

The Clients We Serve

Our clientele includes Fortune 500 companies in oil & gas, petrochemicals, high tech and pharmaceuticals. Explore our case studies for a deeper dive into how we help our partners unlock trapped value, reduce operating costs and more.

We value our Client feedback

Capture the Value of Change

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