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The Nerve Center

Powering intelligent operations through connected, contextual and continuous decision support.

The need for change

Enterprise leaders need to make data-driven decisions faster.

Companies face uncertainty, volatility and increasing demand. In order to remain competitive, they need to transform their data, processes and workflows.

Enter the Nerve Center.

The Nerve Center is a methodology for smart decision making.

More than a platform, the Nerve Center enables intelligent operations with past, present and future insights for proactive actions and outcomes. Built on intelligence including AI/ML, Nerve Centers bring together people, processes, technology and data in new ways of working.

Gif of a Nerve Center featuring 5 key attributes

Benefits of a Nerve Center


Nerve Centers enable lower costs, higher revenue, increased resiliency and improved agility.



Become a data-driven enterprise


Win over customers and consumers


Run efficient, scalable and agile operations



Increase revenue


Reduce costs


Improve capital efficiency & effectiveness

Experiences brought to life


It empowers teams to plan, execute and deliver with confidence.

Gif of a Nerve Center illustrating the Control Tower capabilities
Nerve Center Executives persona


Gain a window into past, present and future operations to make decisions with confidence.

Nerve Center Manager persona


Access root-cause analysis and decision support to troubleshoot operational disruptions.

Nerve Center Teams persona


Unlock coordination across teams with automated workflows for increased productivity.



Predictive insights and alerts empowering you to handle the invisible before it becomes visible.

  • Predictive alerts with severity levels (early warning signals)
  • Deviations to “Happy” path
A Nerve Center gif that highlights the predictive capability.

Automated workflows driving efficiencies across organizational processes while providing enhanced abilities to balance cross-functional and cross-enterprise tradeoffs.

  • Root cause analysis 
  • “What if?” scenarios
  • Augmented decision support (e.g., Recommended next-best action)
  • Automated workflows

E2E transparency with persona-based visibility and performance management.

  • Action tracking
  • Value tracking
  • KPI dashboard
  • Near real-time insights
Gif displaying how a Nerve Center enables enterprise intelligence and work

Launching a Nerve Center


A methodology designed with impact and scale in mind

We work with clients to identify use cases that translate into business value. These are enabled by capabilities that include visibility, predictive insights and alerts, and end-to-end orchestration. When rolled out through our “Fast90” agile sprints, this approach generates value quickly while strengthening the organization. 

Gif demonstrating how launching a Nerve Center improves capabilities and value

Case study


The Nerve Center enabled proactive behaviors to negotiate, innovate and execute with speed and confidence - unlocking $100M+ of value in the first year.

Key services

  • Data quality and Master Data Management
  • ML models to enable predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Process engineering
  • UI/UX designed for efficient user experiences
  • Change Management to drive adoption

Take the step towards building resilient operations

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