Aligned Automation partners with Talor Gooch Foundation

AA x Talor Gooch Foundation

In line with its organizational commitment to being “Better Together” for its people, clients and communities, Aligned Automation is proud to announce a partnership with the Talor Gooch Foundation.

The foundation was formed in early 2022 by pro golfer Talor Gooch and his wife, Ally, fulfilling a lifelong dream to “pay it forward for future generations” and create opportunities for people—especially children—to “chase their wildest dreams, and ultimately accomplish them.”

Meeting Talor at a golf event and learning about the foundation’s vision inspired Aligned Automation Founder and CEO Nitin Ahuja to jump in as one of the organization’s Ten Founding Donors.

“I knew right away that this was something I wanted to be involved with,” said Nitin. “It’s the perfect mix of my passion for golf and the relationship and opportunities it creates, as well as giving back and opening doors for future generations to succeed in life. Being part of this movement is very important to me.”

The foundation is already creating real change and making a positive impact in the communities it serves. Positive Tomorrows, an agency and school for children and families experiencing homelessness; Hope Is Alive, supporting recovering addicts looking for a fresh start; and the Oklahoma Junior Golf Tour, offering children in lower-income and underserved communities the opportunity to experience tournament golf, have all expanded operations thanks to foundation sponsorships and grants.

“We are so thankful to Aligned Automation and our sponsors and donors for their generosity and support,” said Kelsey Cline, Executive Director of the Talor Gooch Foundation. “Golf has brought us all together, but it’s not just about the sport. It can be such a door opener and relationship builder, and we all want to create opportunities for children and families to thrive.” 

We all want to create opportunities for children and families to thrive.
-Kelsey Cline, Executive Director, Talor Gooch Foundation
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