Case Study

25% increase in self-help dispatches using a data-driven approach to improve customer service for a Fortune 500 tech company

This multinational technology company is one of the largest of its kind in the world and is listed on the Fortune 500. It serves a global customer base in 180 countries and has extensive R&D and manufacturing operations worldwide.



A comprehensive data analytics strategy was employed to understand user behavior and preferences on the self-service portal. Based on these insights, significant UI/UX improvements were made. The portal was also equipped with features for continuous feedback and improvement, thereby creating a self-sustaining system for ongoing enhancements.

Capabilities leveraged

Data & Analytics

Process Transformation



Increase in self-help dispatches

Enhanced customer experience:

improved UI/UX boosted satisfaction scores

Reduced call center strain:

intuitive portal reduced support calls


efficiency gains led to undisclosed cost savings.

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