Case Study

$24M auditable savings with dynamic margin optimization in petrochemicals through sales and procurement collaboration

A Fortune Global 500, one of the largest chemical companies in the world. This $47 billion multinational chemical company employs around 19,000 people and is a global leader in innovation, consistently developing high-quality chemicals, polymers, fuels, and technologies. 



An advanced margin optimization Nerve Center was established to bring together marketing and sales, production, inventory planning, and procurement. The center utilized a connected data fabric across raw material prices, production batch BOM, POs, finished goods prices, and margin contributions. Predictive analytics were used to guide raw material purchasing and product mix decisions, enabling:

Capabilities leveraged

Data & Analytics

Process Transformation



Cost reduction:

achieved significant savings in raw material costs

Optimal product mix:

improved revenue through intelligent product allocation

Optimal inventory:

reduced holding costs and improved cash flow

Enhanced EBITDA:

improved overall profitability

Margin erosion avoidance:

prevented potential loss of margins

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