8 questions to identify transformation technology gaps

 There are many myths about digital transformation, such as the belief that it always leads to layoffs or that hiring a team in data analytics means the company is transformed. But the truth is that transformation is much more than a simple addition or subtraction. Rather, it is about fundamentally changing the way teams work for more accurate and accelerated outcomes.

The way a business operates is central to its strategy and culture, but in large enterprise companies where layers of disjointed legacy software systems, processes and varying skill levels reign, it can be challenging to pinpoint digital gaps. One method of determining strengths and opportunities for an organization is conducting a digital health assessment to benchmark its current operations functionality.

Our team of transformation experts compiled eight crucial questions leaders should consider when establishing where technology and skills gaps exist. From evaluating cultural readiness to distinguishing which processes are reducing efficacy, the following questions can provide a view into the organization as it stands today against business goals.

  1. Is mission-critical data “owned” by specific roles or readily accessible across teams?
    A mark of successful transformation is data readily available to stakeholders who need it, without facing bottlenecks such as emails, phone calls or unnecessary approvals with colleagues to obtain it.
  2. How good is the quality of my underlying data?
    Many organizations believe just having data will lead to profits, but access alone is not enough. Data should be clean and of high quality. If it’s not, employ teams to investigate the root cause and fix it at the source.
  3. Is my data managed to accelerate the realization of my business objectives?
    Take a close look at the way data is managed and evaluate where it is stalling or inhibiting decision making. Data governance is an important priority of transformation preparation. We also advocate for automation and outsourcing where appropriate to reduce re-work, streamline data management and enhance quality control for faster progress.
  4. Are the key processes across the value chain identified and digitally enabled to increase value realization?
    Like software point solutions, it is common for some processes to outlive their usefulness simply because they are the incumbent process. Assessing the health of your systems and operations is vital to discovering gaps and seizing opportunities.
  5. Does the mix and integration of technological tools appropriately support the digital transformation strategy?
    Many of our clients have programs that are close, but not quite there. Building custom tools that incorporate existing technology can be a cost-effective and fast way to capture value.
  6. Are the necessary skills and domain knowledge available to effectively materialize and maintain my digital strategy?
    When gaps exist, consider the importance of employees growing with digital transformation by coaching, upskilling and providing support through the process.
  7. Is it possible to track value generated from activities?
    From maintaining supplier relationships to getting contracts signed, value should not only be transparent but easy to trace from specific activities across the organization.
  8. Are organizational guidelines available and enforced to prevent and measure security risks and legal compliance?
    Meeting the latest cybersecurity and compliance standards keeps your data safe and your company protected. Avoid waiting until a crisis exposes vulnerabilities to get these components up to par.

Why Aligned Automation For Digital Transformation?

Addressing these questions is a great start to creating a benchmark for where your company is on the road to digital transformation — but you don’t have to answer them alone. We combine deep industry expertise, advanced digital capabilities and a human-centered approach to help our clients shape their business strategies and drive growth. Dedicated to empowering people, we activate, align, energize and equip leaders to inspire and drive change that lasts. Contact our team to get started on your journey today.

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