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Making data and digital accessible today to conquer tomorrow.

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Drive sustainable value, resilience and enhanced human experiences.

We take a functional approach to the operational value chain. Enterprise excellence is fully realized through our Nerve Center framework in order to create end-to-end value while taking advantage of today’s best digital capabilities.



Drive innovation, boost profitability and minimize time to market by connecting your planning, sourcing, procurement, and production activities.

Supply chain

Reimagine, build and operate Supply Chain networks that orchestrate change, simplify life and positively impact business and the planet.


Optimize, digitize and connect factories, plants and sites. Create products that consumers love, and get them to market quickly, sustainably and cost effectively.

Customer experience

Unlock market relevance and performance by integrating a relentless focus on the the customer into your end-to-end operations.

The Nerve Center

Our methodology for delivering Intelligent Operations

Using existing technology investments and data, this scalable framework empowers customers to gain a competitive advantage with connected, contextual and continuous decision making.


Our functional services & solutions deliver enduring value



• Working Capital Operations

• Procure-to-Pay Automation

• Procure-to-Pay Analytics

• Risk Management Center

• Collaboration & Knowledge

• Spend Analytics

• Margin Optimization

• Contract Lifecycle Management

• Impact Tracker

• Supplier Collaboration Suite

• Green Operations

Supply chain

• Demand Management

• Forecast Services

• Lifecycle Management

• Segmentation & Classification 

• Inventory Management

• Stock Level Management

• Category Management

• Bill of Materials 

• Order Management & Processing

• Logistics Optimization 

• Network Management

• Return & Repair Management

• Field Services Optimization

3 people in a warehouse wearing hard hats


• Factory Mgmt.

• Man, Machine, Material Mgmt.

• Quality Monitoring

• Failure Mode Effective Analysis

• Reliability & Warranty

• RCA & Anomaly Detection

• Production Standardization

• Closed-loop Information Mgmt.

• Advanced Process Control

• Virtual Metrology

• Process Optimization

• Sensor Detection

• Predictive Maintenance

• Remote Monitoring

• Inventory Optimization

• Part & Warehouse Mgmt.

• Demand Forecast & Order Mgmt.

Customer experience

• Market Intelligence

• Market Segmentation

• NPI & Catalogue Mgmt.

• Search Engine Optimization

• Campaign Mgmt.

• Lead Mgmt.

• CPQ Optimization

• Q2C Optimization

• Service Channel Design & Config

• Resolution Approach

• Field Services Knowledge Mgmt.

• Case Mgmt.

• Dispatch Mgmt.

• Field Service Partner Mgmt.

• CRM Analysis

• Asset & Contract Mgmt.

• ESG Customer Response

• Customer Feedback Mgmt.

• Customer Retention

These services make Intelligent Operations possible:

Cap Trans

Transformation capabilities

Addressing your full spectrum of data and digitalization needs to accelerate your transformation strategy.

Mged Services

Managed services

Providing top talent, consistency and scalability for specific needs or entire functions to prioritize growth.

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