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Next Generation Procurement

Empowering procurement to lead the way in strategic value.

Enhance Speed, Accuracy & Agility Through Transformation

Handling the complexities of global market shifts is a demanding task felt acutely throughout the supply chain. Next Generation Procurement is the key to unlocking faster, more accurate decisions that drive business outcomes across organizations.

An effectively executed digital procurement strategy increases flexibility and adaptability while unlocking new value streams. By improving response time to price fluctuations or increasing the efficiency of the workforce, Next Gen Procurement has the potential to make a dramatic impact.

“Speed is the differentiator. Aligned Automation provided less friction, more flexibility and more comfort with experimentation than the majority of vendors could offer.”

Allen Yu, Chief Procurement Officer

Services and Solutions across
the Value Chain

We look at each part of Procurement as it relates to the value chain, identifying high-impact, cross-functional use cases and applying intelligent tech and insights. When interconnected, these digital solutions unlock continuous value. 

Category Strategy

Create actionable insights to guide procurement strategy and execution.

Category Management

Improve supplier performance, mitigate risks and optimize cash flow.

Risk Management Center

Anticipate risks, analyze data and receive proactive alerts.

Spend Analytics

Intelligent tools that address spend KPIs, helping optimize and automate spend management.

Market Intelligence

Streamline real-time market data to capture and act on insights.

Margin Optimization

Connect procurement and sales to optimize margin within their workflow.

Collaboration & Knowledge Exchange

Align cross-functionally and capitalize on learnings.

Intelligent Procurement Toolkit


Empowering Procurement
to Lead the Way

View our complete procurement eBook to learn how a partnership with Aligned Automation can create next gen operations for your business.

Shaping an Evolved and Intelligent
Operating Model

Foundational operating model


Deploy unique digital services and solutions to drive efficiency and cost savings within existing functional silos.

Advanced Operating Model


Identify the most promising use cases and interconnect existing solutions and services to achieve a deeper level of intelligence and collaboration.

Intelligent Operating Model


Achieve a new ability to sense high-impact threats and opportunities across the value chain earlier by completing the mosaic of integrated solutions and services called the Nerve Center.


LyondellBasell’s Journey to Next Generation Procurement

LyondellBasell has a history of consistently distinguishing themselves in a consolidated petrochemical manufacturing industry by embracing new strategies and sources of value that have shaped the industry as it is known today. Their next frontier? Building a Next Generation Procurement organization that not only procures better but also shapes outcomes and benefits that reach value beyond traditional procurement.

Read the full story in our Insight Paper at the link below.

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