Powering smarter
decisions with AI

Combining functional expertise with deep capabilities in
data, AI and ML, Aligned Automation unlocks hidden
value embedded across your ecosystem.

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Simplifying to get the outcomes you need—faster

Complex, siloed data. Changing customer needs. Inefficient manual processes. Volatile macroeconomic conditions.
We know the challenges businesses are facing as the digital landscape continues to evolve.

Our diverse teams bring exceptional business acumen and techno-functional domain expertise to every client
engagement. Combined with leading accelerators and solutions, platforms and product partnerships, we
collaborate with you to build and deploy scalable, transformative AI solutions.

With enhanced decision-making and improved risk management, your organization will realize a reduction in costs
and an increase in revenue. You’ll provide a better customer experience—and power your business into the future.


Results by the numbers


We’ve collaborated with Global 500 organizations across industries and functions in multi-year engagements to deliver scalable solutions with sustained value.

50% efficiency gain

ML-powered solution results in improved visibility to non-cataloged purchase order.

$2M +savings

ML and ICR combined model drives intelligent sourcing decisions and reduced spend.

15% HSE event reduction

Computer vision-based solution prevents hazardous chemical leakages. 

$24M added margins

Predictive intelligence solution delivers real-time insights into price fluctuations, driving improved decision-making.

28% waste reduction

Regression models deliver optimization of production feeds and controls for chemical process.

40% manual-effort reduction 

Visual inspection and predictive modeling reduces need for manual corrosion-detection checks. 

10% improved on-time delivery

Forecasting MLOps delivers increased demand accuracy and improved customer satisfaction.

50% faster cycle time

ML-based solution automatically corrects and validates customer address data real-time.

60% less data-storage cost 

Federated learning solution extends the benefit of proactive alerts on the edge to wider customer base.

Our AI services


Custom AI

Build, deploy and scale customized AI/ML solutions (NLP, computer vision, predictive intelligence, recommendation engine) that meet the unique needs of your business. Leverage our integrated approach from data to decisions to enable faster, better decision-making, modernize business processes and enhance customer experiences.

MLOps as a Service

Design and deploy AI/ML models, continuously improve & scale, leveraging our platform and tool-agnostic approach. Operationalize your ML models using our accelerators and assets and an MLOps framework built on years of collective experience that enable faster deployment, automate processes and extend your team’s skills

Federated Learning

Train ML models directly on the edge. Our custom AI solution for on-the-edge computation, addresses data transfer, high data storage requirements, data privacy and real-time alert needs

AI / ML Forecasting

Drive success with our integrated ML forecasting solution, tailored to your unique needs. Predict future demand, anticipate pricing changes, optimize inventory, and allocate resources for improved customer satisfaction and profitability.

AI for IoT / IIoT

Unleash the full power of machine learning and IoT to enable real-time decision making using visual inspection, predictive maintenance, asset failure prediction and more. Improve operational efficiency, reduce downtime and unlock new revenue sources with our tailored solutions and accelerators.

Applied AI framework


Benefits of an Aligned Automation partnership


Rapid outcomes

We take a business-first lens to align on core challenges and outcomes, and then take a practical and an agile approach to unlock the true value of AI faster.

Enterprise-level scale

We operationalize AI/ML seamlessly across functions, and work continuously with stakeholders, from ideation to user acceptance. 

Reduced effort

Our team of experts provide labelling, annotation and synthetic data-generation services to improve the quality of training data used for ML & jump-start your journey.


Our technology-agnostic solutions offer custom ML models to be built and operationalized on any environment and cater to your unique business needs.

Speed to value

Intelligently innovate, in a cost-controlled manner, with a range of accelerators.

Sustained value

We utilize the DevSecOps framework to build ML models, ensuring that our solutions are easy to deploy, secure and integrated for sustained value.

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Powering smarter decisions with AI

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Explore all the ways AI can power your business into the future.

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