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Our clients across industries and functions have enabled millions of dollars in value and eliminated pain points in their operations through adaptive digital solutions. Explore case study summaries and download more detailed perspectives below.

Nerve Center

The Nerve Center, a unified and intelligent operations platform, enabled a leading petrochemical company to gain actionable insights from previously disjointed data inputs, resulting in $100M+ enabled value in the first year and sustained $200M+ over two years.

$200M+ enabled value

Center of Excellence

Supported by integrated data analytics, the client deployed a procurement Center of Excellence for value-generating and outcome-focused partnerships. The solution empowered the workforce to interact with more efficiency, effectiveness and collaboration through digital enablement and resulted in a 43% cost savings by accurately supplying competitive vendor data.

43% cost savings

Margin Optimization

An intelligent platform powered by machine learning helps counter unpredictable price shifts by predicting price fluctuations, allowing the oil and gas client to price the products accurately and with transparency. The solution resulted in $24M margin optimization improvement and improved OPEX efficiencies.

$24M margin optimization

Predictive Equipment Monitoring

Implementation of an intelligent, KPI-driven performance monitoring system that identifies abnormalities replaces manual and disparate equipment tracking, allowing more efficient resource allocation at a global manufacturing company. The solution resulted in $12M optimization savings and supports green initiatives through unnecessary variable cost avoidance.

$12M optimization savings

Carbon Emissions Strategy

An integrated web app that collects key data points from individual plants, facilitating accurate forecasting and an intelligent carbon credit buying strategy. The solution resulted in insight into €100M (more than $120M USD) annual EU carbon credit budget and $14M value realized in the first two years.

$14M value realized

Our People Make it Possible

We believe strong partnerships and dedication to our clients’ outcomes make these results possible.

Meet our Practice Leads – our transformation and domain skilled experts that bring combined decades of experience – who partner closely with our clients and enable these incredible results.

Hardik Bhatt
Kamlesh Deshmukh
Supply Chain
Abhinav Mishra
Supply Chain
Shishir Keshari
Process & Automation
Gerardo Pelayo
Ashwani Tiwary
Yuvaraj Pawar

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