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Your business challenges are wide-ranging. We’ve built a team of experts – data scientists, engineers and developers – to provide a depth and breadth of industry and technology skills ready to bring out the best in your systems, processes and people. Our adaptive digital solutions are delivered in an outcome-focused, modular engagement aimed at quickly realizing meaningful and lasting results. We use what you have to deliver what you need.


Digital Health Assessment

A Digital Health Assessment is a critical step in providing insight into your organization’s digital maturity relative to your business objectives. Our process arms you with actionable steps to enable your transformation roadmap, prioritize activities and realize your strategic vision to stay relevant and win in the digital age.

Assess your maturity and readiness for digital transformation by conducting a deep-dive into your transformational capabilities including your digital strategy, digital foundation and digital culture.


Benchmark your current digital health

View and understand the current state of your organizational digital maturity measured against the three core assessment dimensions.


Define a digital vision & strategy

Partner to craft a north-star vision outlining where you want to take your organization as you pivot towards a digital future.


Outline an actionable roadmap

Capture pain points, barriers, opportunities and an actionable path forward relative to your desired business outcomes and your company’s environment.

Adaptive Digital Solutions

Leverage our functional and technical experts to deliver outcome-focused point solutions that increase your end-to-end value chain visibility, collaboration and orchestration uncovering value capture and enabling proactive action through predictive analytics.

Drive transformation and build business resilience by bringing together the digital capabilities needed for an organization to thrive in the digital age. We partner on point-solutions to harness the power of data and machine learning, modernize core technology, optimize and automated operations, create stunning digital experiences and enable a digital culture.


Modernize core technology

Solve challenges around digital platforms, enterprise IT architecture, IT modernization and infrastructure security. Lay the foundation and  connectivity necessary for a successful transformation.


Harness data & analytics

Leverage data to solve real business challenges. Pair data with analytics to elevate practices such as: yield management, customer insights, operational optimization, personalization and sustainability.


Create intuitive experiences

Bring data and analytics to life through intuitive and custom-built digital experiences and platforms that empower your team to make real-time decisions with confidence.



Create scalable, cross-functional deployment models by applying digital technologies, automation and end-to-end process redesign to existing operations.


Enable a digital

Build the digital culture and skill-sets necessary to move quickly, become agile and adopt the digital mindset required to realize the value of your digital investments.

Nerve Center

Built on a tapestry of connected data, enriched analytics and reengineered processes and powered by Machine Learning and AI, a Nerve Center serves as your single source of truth for insights, project management, KPI tracking, process improvements and risk mitigation – enabling you and your team to make strategic decisions with confidence.

A Nerve Center is an innovative approach for identification and rapid response to high-impact threats and opportunities across the extended value chain, while enabling optimized plans with built-in cross-functional alignment.


Extend the ends in end-to-end planning

Connect historically isolated functions such as supply-response planning and logistics execution, as well as upstream and downstream channel partners.


Anticipate shocks and recommend action

Proactively anticipate disruption across the supply chain and procurement ecosystem by leveraging open-source data and applying digital capabilities to inform action.


Improve business decision-making 

Apply advanced analytics (including Machine Learning techniques) to analyze second, third and fourth-order implications of potential responses to disruption.


Embed cross-functional alignment

Consolidate the mosaic of data and platforms in a single, collaborative location while providing a complete view of how every decision affects all areas of the value chain.


Deliver organizational outcomes

Recommend action based on targeted outcomes and project specific KPIs while serving as a single tool for project management and continuous process improvement.

Center of Competence

Technology alone won’t deliver sustained improvements. A Center of Competence offers value generating and outcome focused partnerships designed around outsourcing and centralizing the mundane day-to-day organizational tasks – enabling your employees to drive value shaping strategic work.

It’s time to reimagine the standard operating model. By providing you with category expertise, market research, process discipline, technology prowess, risk mitigation and cost advantage, your teams can focus on the bigger picture.


Scale process

Fully integrate source-to-contract and procure-to-pay processes, paired with an unfaltering focus on value generation and realization.


Deploy functional &
digital expertise

Staffed with specialists that have substantial functional and digital expertise to transition your organization to the next chapter.


Enable resilience &
market intelligence

Uncover superior insights regarding market dynamics, supplier, costs and pricing as well as cross-industry best practices. 


Empower your

Shift the focus of your workforce to strategic, value-adding tasks by freeing day-to-day capacity while growing your footprint with cost-competitive talent.


Business Process Management

  • Consulting & Advisory
  • Workflow Management
  • Process Mining, Optimization & Automation
  • Execution Services

Data Modernization

  • Data Architecture & Integration
  • Data Definition, Cataloging, Audits & Quality Management
  • Data Migration and Management
  • Big Data Engineering

Data Translation & Analytics

  • Intelligent Data Management
  • Data Ingestion, Cataloging & Enrichment
  • Data Science & Analytics (Diagnostics, Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive)
  • Machine Learning (MLOps) & Artificial Intelligence

Secure DevOps

  • Architecture Design and Development
  • Secure DevOps
  • End-to-End Solution Development, Integration & Deployment
  • Security Management

Solutions to Real-World Business Problems

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Disconnected Data

"We have so many data sources but no singular source of truth to make informed decisions."

Discover the Benefits of Connected Platforms


Unpredictable Supply Chain Costs

"Cost fluctuations are making accurate pricing difficult, hurting our margins in the process."

Discover the Benefits of Predictive Analytics


Wasted Manufacturing Resources

"Manual tracking of our equipment data has resulted in disparate data and overspending on variable costs."

Discover the Benefits of Intelligent Monitoring


Partners for Lasting Change

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What Does Successful Transformation Look Like?

From capturing unrealized supply-chain value to improving customer and partner experience, our case study library features real problem-solving solutions in Fortune 500 companies.

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