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Delivering a strong quarter in 2022

To our Aligned Automation Community:

I am pleased to share with you Aligned Automation’s 2022 first quarter update.

First, I want to thank our customers. By putting their trust in Aligned Automation, we have the opportunity to be our best and deliver value every day.

As an industry, last year we saw another year full of unique and complicated challenges: labor shortages, new work models, mounting cost pressures, continued technology advances, and supply chain disruption to name a few. Faced with these, our customers had confidence in us to help them navigate this post pandemic world. Our solutions allowed our customers to capture hundreds of millions of dollars in value; and thus we outperformed our own aggressive goals: we doubled our revenue, expanded our clients, grew our employees to 500, and moved into a state-of-the art facility in Pune.

In this article:

In Q1 2022, we continue to see mounting difficulties with inflation and the Russo-Ukraine war. And yet, our customers’ continued confidence in our solutions plus the dedication of our team has yielded more than a 30% increase year-over-year as we continue to drive value realization in the marketplace.

Today I will share with you several key factors contributing to a successful Q1.

Enhanced ways of partnering with our customers to achieve next generation value

Our diverse customer base continues to realize value as we help them navigate a post-pandemic world; derive intelligent decisions from the vast influx of data; and accelerate the digital transformation needed for competitiveness and cost. As we helped develop strategies and “became” the customer, we delivered value every 90 days – which was key for our customers stakeholders and shareholders.

An intentional approach to “learn and lead”

As we learn from our customers and are entrusted to tackle some of their most complex business problems, we have intentionally set up internal processes to invest and evolve in order to drive enhanced solutions for the market. Our proven solution sets – combined with strategic hiring in sales – allow us to actively expand our cross-vertical focus and continue building cross-industry best practices.

Functional excellence through our suite of relevant value-chain solutions

Aligned Automation solutions are focused on accelerating customer journeys toward Next Generation Functional Excellence and reducing time-to-value. In the last quarter, we enhanced our Procurement Service and Solutions offerings. Now, in Q2, we continue to meet customer’s evolving needs through expanded solution sets in Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Customer Experience, and Sustainability. At the core of each holistic solution is our Aligned Nerve Center, which provides the ability to manage an entire function through a completely connected and integrated AI driven platform.

Strategically operationalizing AI

A strategic focus for the Aligned team this year is to assist our customers in operationalizing AI. The future is here, and all companies will need AI to stay competitive. With our AI partner alliances, such as Celonis and, we were able to expand their platform, shaping holistic solutions that seamlessly integrate with our clients’ IT and business landscapes. We continue to invest in our platform partnerships (e.g. Google Cloud, Azure, AWS, SAP, etc.) to develop solutions that maximize the value of our customers’ IT investments. To stay on the cutting edge of data science and technology, we committed to partner certifications, industry training, and collaboration with premiere educational institutes.

Finally, we would not be able to accomplish what we do for our customers if it wasn’t for a passionate and innovative team. Daily, I’m impressed by our team’s relentless pursuit of excellence in deliverables to our customers, our continued dedication to employees and our work culture, and our overarching commitment to fostering team spirit within our partners.

As we look forward to Q2, we will continue to bring best practices from our clients and industries, innovate for success, and adopt and scale through change management at the center – all focused on enabling you to deliver on your business outcomes.

We look forward to future developments and are grateful for your ongoing support.

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