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Industry-leading AI platform and business services.

Your Complete AI BUsiness Solution

Hypergiant has partnered with Aligned Automation as its sole commercial business service provider to help enterprise customers compete in an ever-changing digital world.  

Combining Hypergiant’s Hyperdrive platform with Aligned Automation’s Nerve Center and Center of Excellence services, we bring the digital strategy, technology, capabilities and execution to operationalize end-to-end Enterprise AI at speed and scale. Together, we deliver turnkey AI & digital solutions that focus on delivering best in class business outcomes for clients.

We deliver:

  • An accelerated and aligned AI solution
  • Business outcomes that meet customer demand
  • Continuous AI and business improvements at optimized cost and accuracy

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The digital frontier in enterprise operations is here

In a global environment that is evolving at impossible speeds, equipping businesses with the tools to learn from data and make split-second decisions can be the difference between business success or failure.

With a Hypergiant and Aligned Automation joint engagement uncover unprecedented opportunity and transform your business to the new frontier of digital enterprise. By integrating a next gen AI platform within your existing ecosystem and enabling services to power it at scale, you can accelerate your operations to empower your teams and deliver intelligent results.

$ 0 T

Potential total annual value of AI and analytics across industries (McKinsey, 2018).

0 %

Top businesses reporting to have an ongoing investment in AI (NewVantage, 2020).

0 %

Executives saying AI adoption improved workplace productivity (PWC, 2018).

Built on a foundation of embedded AI
Operationalizing AI production providing the insight, agility and elasticity our clients need to bring research projects into production.

Connecting the end-to-end value chain
Uncovering insights to accelerate value realization by connecting platforms, systems and data across the value chain.

Centralizing a dedicated workforce
Value-generating and outcome-focused partnerships designed around outsourcing day-to-day organizational tasks – enabling clients to drive strategic work.

Pairing Hypergiant's AI platform with Aligned Automation's digital services can unlock increased value


A joint engagement equips clients with:

End-to-end support for customers looking to make a digital transformation with an interest in using AI for business outcomes.

Industry-leading and multi-dimensional AI software built on secure platforms and within a client’s own infrastructure.

Industry, functional and IT expertise across the value chain for complete ideation, design and deployment of AI solutions.

Modular implementation across 90-day cycles that deliver tangible results and momentum across the digital business strategy.

Solutions in action


Hyperdrive platform

See how Hypergiant is powering the future of Enterprise AI with their integrated services platform.


Nerve Center

Learn how Aligned Automation connected a Nerve Center to unlock $100M+ across the value chain.


Center of Excellence

Read how centralized operations of function experts can deliver strategic and analytical value across the value chain.

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