Drive C3.ai system integration success and accelerate time-to-value with Aligned Automation.

Where Technical Expertise Meets Digital Ingenuity

  • C3.ai is a powerful platform that simplifies AI through a model-driven architecture, pre-built industry applications and no-code development approach. As with any leading technology, there can be a learning curve for organizations to fully realize the potential capabilities and benefits.

    See results faster by partnering with Aligned Automation. Our global pool of C3-certified talent accelerates your operations and time-to-value. With deep skillsets in data science, app development, multi-platform tools and process engineering, we also extend solutions to maximize your investment.

    From vision to value, Aligned Automation is an operating services company that drives functional excellence for our clients and partners.

    We see it. We build it. We run it.

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The digital frontier in enterprise operations is here

In a global environment that is evolving at impossible speeds, equipping businesses with the tools to learn from data and make split-second decisions can be the difference between business success or failure.

Uncover unprecedented opportunity and transform your business to the new frontier of digital enterprise with C3.ai and Aligned Automation. We focus on your function and industry value chain while aligning on core outcomes and opportunities within the C3.ai platform. Our operating model strategically combines functional and technical experts for accelerated deployment. Together, we co-create an end-to-end vision for ‘what’s possible’ and build a future-forward and flexible roadmap to success that utilizes the full extent of C3 capabilities.

$ 0 T

Potential total annual value of AI and analytics across industries (McKinsey, 2018).

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Top businesses reporting to have an ongoing investment in AI (NewVantage, 2020).

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Executives saying AI adoption improved workplace productivity (PWC, 2018).

We collaborate with you to Uncover Possibilities & Unlock Value

Domain + Digital Expertise

A strategic combination of functional experts, C3.ai certified talent and digital specialists enables a fast and thorough understanding of your business and operational ecosystems.

Systems integration

The full-suite of data capabilities enables rapid integration of enterprise data sources into the C3.ai platform and leads to enterprise data aggregation.

Process mining and automation

Deep expertise in process mining and automation draws insights into opportunities for process improvement and automation, which leads to process excellence prior to applying AI.

Access to Global Talent

Deployment-ready talent spans across functions, industries and technology to deliver end-to-end solutions that augment business and tech skillsets.

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Certified C3ai focus

Centers of Excellence combine functional, vertical, technology and experts with Certified C3.ai employees to ensure valuable and innovative solutions.

End-to-End services

Customized managed services outsource part or all of enterprise functions to support continuous innovation and transformation.

A Simplified Approach to AI Operationalization

Functional Pods

Functional pods combine both business and technical spectrums of enterprise operations:

  • Supply Chain
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Compliance
  • Customer Experience
  • Service Management

Core COE

The Core COE is a purpose-built, cross-functional delivery team, with full-stack engineers. This core team is meant for

  • Transformational projects, design
  • Development
  • Quality engineering

Specialist Pods

Specialist pods are custom built for specific tech needs:

  • AI design head
  • Analytics translators
  • C3 certified data scientists
  • C3 certified Ex Machina experts
  • C3 certified application developers and integrated data services (IDS)

What Makes Us Different

Extend your investments
We maximize the technology landscape you already have. When a new application or platform is needed, we partner with industry-leading solutions.

Better together
We believe in a highly collaborative engagement, operating as part of your team and invested in your success.

Accelerated delivery
We build credibility and confidence in your initiatives with business progress every 90 days, without the bloated overhead.

“Speed is the differentiator. Aligned Automation provided less friction, more flexibility and more comfort with experimentation than most vendors could offer.”

Client, VP & former CPO, Leading Petrochemical Company
  • From vision to value, Aligned Automation is an operating services company that drives functional excellence for our clients and partners. We see it. We build it. We run it.

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