What Sets Us Apart:
Our Approach

We focus on you and your success.

Our Approach


Overcome Limitations and Deliver Lasting Change

Our clients bring us their goals and we work alongside them – with the tools they have – to uncover possibilities, unlock value and find success faster.

Our approach is driven by the business objective to see measurable results quarter on quarter. Dubbed the Fast90, our associates establish customer goals, complete a diagnostic process and develop a modular action plan to be implemented through agile, 90-day cycles. Each 90-day cycle includes five interrelated stages that empower the business to quickly adjust, augment and scale to deliver meaningful improvements.

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Outcome Definition

Our clients know their desired business outcomes, which is why we co-develop our plans to drive measurable and connected value across the business. Through collaboration, we are able to best execute their vision through a full stack of digital capabilities and solutions.

Data Curation

Data must be contextualized and integrated within the greater business strategy for any solution work.  Empower your organization by unifying data across systems and business units, allowing associates to harness and optimize it to unlock value.

Focus Analytics

Our analytics vision begins with our clients specific business questions. We’re embedded within processes to gather real-time operating analytics that are capable of endless possibilities, from monitoring manufacturing equipment for resource conservation to delivering reliable supply-chain pricing updates. 

Transformation & Automation

The application of proven change management practices allows our clients to break down silos, create excitement around the adoption of new solutions and change the way things get done while managing the gravitational pull-back of legacy procedures.

Captured Value

Through our approach, clients can digitize their enterprise operations one step at the time—optimizing existing IT—with a cadence that builds internal momentum and minimizes business disruption. The results are measurable, scalable and revealed at pace.

Are You Ready to Capture the Value of Change?

You didn’t come this far to only come this far. Take the next step to ensure transformation success with the experts at Aligned Automation.

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